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Flights to Seychelles and location of the islands

Amazingly, not everyone can answer the question where is Seychelles on the first try and without stuttering. In fact, the Seychelles Islands are located in the western Indian Ocean, Northeast of Madagascar and south of the equator. The archipelago consists of 115 islands.

seychelles islands.jpg

How to get to Seychelles from different countries

Most of the flights to Seychelles are provided by Qatar Airways with connection in Doha, Emirates Airline with connection in Dubai and Etihad with connection in Abu-Dhabi.

On these flights you can choose time of the connection – day or night. Taking into account the plane changes it can take you from 8 to 20 hours to get to Seychelles with a minimum transit time of 45 minutes.

seychelles flights.jpg

If you choose the flight with a long connection time you can take the sights of Dubai, Doha, Abu-Dhabi. Just remember that visiting these cities tourists will require a visa which can be issued on arrival.

Direct flights to Seychelles

You can easily buy a ticket to Seychelles from anywhere in the world. Of course, the way to the islands could take a long time, but it is offset by the local paradise ambience.

Direct flights to Seychelles are made from 16 cities in the world. In other cases, a flight with connection should be bought.

Flight duration

10 h
10 h 20 min
Great Britain
10 h 30 min
9 h 40 min
UAE Dubai
4 h 35 min
4 h 40 min
8 h 20 min
Reunion (France)
Saint Denis
2 h 40 min
4 h 30 min
4 h
2 h 35 min
Port Louis
2 h 35 min
5 h 35 min
Addis Ababa
3 h 50 min
3 h 15 min
South Africa
4 h 55 min

Seychelles airport

The main Seychelles airport is located on Mahe Island 10 km away from the capital city – Victoria. It will take you 25 minutes to get from the airport to Coral Strand Hotel.

seychelles airport.jpg

You can book a transfer with us and we`ll meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel by minibus or private car.

How to make a long-haul flight more comfortable

8 or even 10 hours flights to Seychelles are not easy, that`s why we are sharing a few tips on how to make it more pleasant:

1. Take along headphones or earphones to block out the plane noise.
2. Sleeping mask helps to fall asleep even with the light on.
3. Drink plenty of water: dehydration occurs pretty quickly on the plane. Avoid drinking coffee and tea: it causes water retention and have a detrimental effect on sleep.
4. Wear comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics which help your skin to breathe.
5. Use moisturizing cream: it will protect you from dry skin during the flight.
6. Sleep as much as you can! If you are not used to sleeping on the plane, use your time efficiently. Read an interesting book, watch new movies on your phone or tab, play word games if you are not flying alone.
7. If you are travelling with kids – be ready to entertain them. Don`t forget to take books, toys and coloring books.

seychelles holidays.jpg

Setting off on a journey consider all the flights and connection options beforehand. Give yourself enough time to get from the city to the airport. And of course, don`t forget useful odds and ends and good mood!

Have a nice flight and see you in Seychelles!

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