An excellent choice for those who wish to get a little closer with Mother Nature. This excursion will take you to the breathtaking Valle de Mai on Praslin. The reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to the famous Coco-de-mer and many endemic fauna species including the Seychelles Black Parrot.
You’ll get a unique opportunity to see a tradi-tional copra mill and an old Plantation house at L’Union Estate from the board of a traditional schooner sailing alongside La Digue island. Step foot on the soſt, white sand of Anse Source d’Argent that reputed to be the most photo-graphed beach in the world. The aſternoon is all at your disposal to relax on the beach.


Begin with a tour of the capital, Victoria, and the picturesque charms of its ancient clock tower and colourful market, while our guides recount for you the history of the islands.
Aſter the market tour they will enchant you with tales of folklore as you journey on to the old Mission Lodge by a winding mountain road. Breathtaking panoramas of rambling tropical vegetation, towering granite peaks and the azure ocean await you there.
Taste a delicate Creole lunch prepared from our succulent local fruits and vegetables.
Your trip will end in the traditional Craſt Village with interesting collection of arts, craſts and tropical wares.

FULL DAY REEF SAFARI (including visit of Moyenne Island)

Start your journey with a gentle cruise past the reclaimed island of Hodoul, home to large numbers of herons and cattle egrets. Then motor out into the marine park where you will board our semi-submersible boat to keep your feet dry while exploring the teeming reefs.
Feed the fishes before diving in for your own sub-marine adventure. We provide lightweight snorkeling vests and snorkeling equipment to allow you to get up close to the fascinating underwater world. Enjoy a mouth-watering buffet, prepared in the traditional Seychellois style and served on board the catamaran.. Aſter lunch join us on the scenic route back to Port Victoria, with a leisurely cruise around the islands of the marine park.


That’s the best way to explore the beauty of La Digue Island, one of Seychelles’ most stunning granitic island and perhaps the most photographed in the world! You shouldn’t miss its stunning beaches and gigantic boulders cascading down the sea.
The journey begins with a leisurely cruise across the channel that separates Praslin and La Digue Islands.
Upon arrival at the picturesque La Passe harbor you’ll continue your trip on bicycle. This is the best way to discover the island at your own leisurely pace. Look around for the stunning Creole architecture, the coconut factory and other interesting sites while enjoying your bike riding. All of this sites are vivid reminders of the lifestyle of past eras.