Environmental protection & sustainability are a priority at Coral Strand Hotel Smart Choice.
Our hotel is the member of Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label Program. All participants should meet prescribed ecological requirements about waste recycling, water and energy consumption.

We responsibly minimize our operational impact on the environment through the resources con-servation. Hotel management has vdeveloped and intergrated the follownig initiatives:

  • Reducing the use of energy & water to minimize the waste;
  • Conserving & protecting the natural resources.
  • Complying with the current environmental legislation in Seychelles and its best practices.
  • Incorporating environmental matters in the decision making process.
  • Power saving unit in all guests rooms
  • Auto shutting down of air conditioners when not in use.
  • Using energy-saving light bulbs in all our rooms.
  • Rainwater storage tanks.
  • Implementing a solar panels for provision of hot water.
  • Automatic irrigation detection systems.
  • Onsite recycling and waste program.